Bucket list of photographic challenges that will stimulate your creativity

“The camera does not think, it is the brain of the photographer who thinks”
-Willy Ronis:

Creativity as well as motivation are essential tools for an artist. If either one lets us down, then it is difficult to get back to work, especially after a long break.

The solution to this problem?

Practice regularly! It is also the only way to become a good photographer, whether amateur or professional. Photographic challenges are therefore ideal to become the next Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Here are a few challenges that you will definitely like to complete:

♥ From A to Z

If you are the type who sees shapes everywhere and you are a bit of a nutcase, you will be a perfect candidate for this challenge. Each of the photos must represent a letter of the alphabet. You will then need a good sense of imagination and visualization. You find this easy? Try with the Chinese alphabet to see!

♥ 52 weeks

Are you running out of time? You don’t need to have a lot of it for this challenge. Take only one photo per week for a whole year. You will certainly see your photographic skills evolve during this year.

♥ Selfie

You are somewhat lonely or narcissistic. You are well served. Take a series of photos of only your favorite character in this world: you! You will have the opportunity to occupy the role of creator, photographer and model. The only advantage is that you will agree on all elements of your sessions. Unless you have a multiple personality disorder of course!

♥ Prime lens

This is a lens that only covers one focal length, for example 35mm or the ever popular 50mm. If you are the lazy type, this is not for you. You will have to move around to be able to compose as you want, unlike using a zoom that covers several focal lengths.

♥ 30 days

Are you traveling for 1 month? Document your journey in an epic photo shoot. Pick the best one for each day and post it on your social media. I’m sure your friends will appreciate not having their wall overtaken with your pictures and they will still be jealous to see you on vacation anyway!

♥ 365 days

Are you the excessive type and a 30 day challenge is too easy for you? Here is the perfect challenge to get you out every day! It’s a bit like having a dog. Rain or shine you will have to take your camera strap (with the camera attached to the end of course) and go for a walk. The advantage with a camera is that you can keep the reward for yourself.

♥ 30 pictures of Spring

An Eternal Renewal. Winter is over, spring is coming with its blooming flowers, bears coming out of hibernation and the return of migratory birds. It’s hard not to be inspired by the season of love!

♥ 30 pictures of Summer

The sun at its peak. Summer is the season for fun, barbecues, the beach and vacations. You will have more time to prepare to pose with a late setting sun. You will also appreciate not having a coat and other clothes in addition to all your gear.

♥ 30 pictures of Fall

Probably the best season to indulge in creative impulses. Autumn with its red, yellow and orange leaves offers a dazzling spectacle. If you are not amazed by this spectacle, it is because you have no soul or you are going through a depression because you know that the 30 pictures of winter challenge is on its way.

♥ 30 pictures of Winter

If you like white (or brown, in the city), you’re going to be thrilled. It is always nice to hold a camera at -30 Celsius with a howling wind strong enough to knock your socks off (although I have never seen this before). You can still cheat and go to hot countries if you are a little princess but there will definitely be a chill between us!

♥ Advent Challenge

A great way to make an advent calendar that can fill an entire wall and that won’t make us start the holiday season overweight. Every day in December we take a photo until Christmas, print it and post it on our wall. Something to make Uncle Norman jealous at Christmas dinner! Why not extend the challenge until New Year’s Day and end the year on a high note (and maybe make Aunt Gina jealous too).

♥ Same person, same pose

We choose a person that we shoot every day in a similar environment. Even better if the person is consenting (This is a joke. The person being photographed should ALWAYS give consent)! The goal is to show a progression. It works especially well with children because they change so much in a year. Loss of teeth or arms that have become too long. Everything will be documented to be able to embarrass them in a few years.

♥ Black and white

Are you a romantic or color blind? Black and white is the ideal way to take pictures away from color and its distractions. It is also the preferred genre of photo for artistic nudes. Stop seeing life as black or white, pull out your 50 shades of gray and dominate your subject!

♥ Polaroid

Can’t wait to see your masterpieces? The iconic device that has marked generations is ideal for you. OK, now there is digital but everyone does that. There is much more merit in taking photos that cannot be edited. Spend your evenings doing like André 3000 while shouting Hey Ya!

Inspirations for the Article:

“The camera does not think, it is the brain of the photographer who thinks”

Willy Ronis:

Books by Willy Ronis on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr

Cover photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Correction: Mélanie Birencwaig

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