The perfect bucket list if you love writing

“Memory is lost; but the writing remains ” - Oriental Proverb

When you write, you’re better off thinking twice. It is well known: the words go away and the writings remain.

Anyone can write with the tools available today. Even God, who, gave two tablets of stone on which he himself had written all the commandments. He understood the usefulness of lists to capture the attention of his audience.

Doctors write in chinese according to a popular expression. I would rather believe that it is vietnamese, relying on the nationality of the pharmacists who decipher the prescriptions.

If you are a fan of Molière, Victor Hugo or Edgar Allan Poe, here are some items to put on your list:

♥ Write a digital book

A lot of time has passed since the first digital document by Project Gutenberg. In this case the declaration of independence of the United States was sent on July 4, 1971 by email to probably 3 people with a computer. Are you an expert in a field because you have read books? Publishing an eBook is the best way to reach an audience inexpensively.

♥ Being published by a publisher

Making a book yourself is good. Finding someone who agrees to publish it is better. You have to be prepared to be rejected several times. Stephen King was rejected thirty times before he could publish his novel Carrie. Seeing your book on the store shelves is probably one of the best feelings an author can have. Apart from receiving a sum of money of course!

♥ Writing a short film script 

The first step in a career as a screenwriter, writing a short film is a great way to learn. It is usually one of the first jobs in film school. We always love a short movie filled with clichés. The limited time allows the young screenwriter to focus on what is important to the story. Don’t have a talent for scriptwriting? That’s okay, the porn industry is always going to need creative people like you.

♥ Writing a film script

Welcome to the big leagues. You have already written a few short films. Your mother thinks you are as good as Spielberg, nothing less. You are now ready to join Hollywood. Rewrite Romeo and Juliet for the thousandth time changing the characters and the time of the story. Guaranteed success! Everyone wants to see a vegan version of Shakespeare’s work.

♥ Win a Pulitzer Prize

Your goal is to win a gold medal and $ 10,000 but your fitness level is poor. Joseph Pulitzer is at least 150 years ahead of you. Win one of the most prestigious awards given to writers in the arts, journalism, literature, fiction and music. All other writers will be jealous of you during the next party.

♥ Write a play

You’re too good for tinseltown? Are you an actor who has not yet succeeded in breaking through or your role on the big screen was too striking and you have no contract? Theater is the right place for you. On stage, you can get naked or perform a long tirade without anyone taking offense.

♥ Songwriting

Whatever your style, songwriting is the best way to be successful with the opposite sex. Mirroring your soul on three chords, becoming a lyricist can save you a lot of money at the psychologists. I wonder what Delilah could have done to him to have inspired him so much.

♥ Compose a poem

You are sentimental and always speak in verse. Poems are the next step, what a curse. A rhyme sung here, a rhyme reversed there. Lyrical, written, epic or satirical, feelings of despair. Always consume at a low dose. Otherwise, you’ll be speaking in prose.

♥ Write a blog

Anyone can have a blog. I am living proof of it (If you can call it living). You have an idea or a passion. Start writing to realize what started as a hobby, has turned into editing, research, journalism, marketing, social media, photography, spelling in addition to your subject.

♥ Publish an article in a magazine

Nothing better than looking at a glossy article. This is the reason why Playboy has been so successful. It is true that the magazine is renowned for the quality of it’s articles. The Czech magazine Květy, founded in 1834 is probably one of the oldest printed magazines still in service.

♥ Win a Nobel Prize for Literature

Your writing detonates like dynamite? Have you chosen to do a great service to humanity using your pencil in an explosive style? The Nobel Prize is for you. A prestigious award bringing you global recognition. You can join a select club including Ernest Hemingway (1954), Bob Dylan (2016) or Louise Glück (2020) to name a few.

Inspirations for the Article:

“Memory is lost; but the writing remains ”

– Oriental Proverb

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